is a podcast production company based in Brooklyn. We make original shows that — we hope — will become essential listening for our audiences. We love all sorts of genres and all kinds of topics, from serious to silly. We are focused on creating a relatively small number of powerful shows that will feel urgent and essential for the people who hear them. We are co-founded by industry veterans Laura Mayer and Adam Davidson and are an editorially-independent joint-venture with Sony Music Entertainment.

Our Shows

Jeffrey Epstein is dead, but the search for justice continues. This season, host and investigative reporter Tara Palmeri follows Epstein’s survivors as they fight to reveal the truth about his prolific sex trafficking and abuse operation. From his employees to his powerful legal team, many others helped Epstein commit or cover up his crimes. Find out the real story of how Epstein escaped justice for more than a decade and why his survivors aren’t backing down now that he’s gone.

The economy is bananas, even scary. Old pathways to success are no longer an option for most of us. But some people are thriving, and we're going to figure out how. Adam Davidson, New Yorker writer, longtime contributor to This American Life, and the creator of NPR’s Planet Money, unearths stories from regular people. People who have cracked the code to success in our new economic reality: There is a window of opportunity for small, passion-fueled endeavors.

Do the Work is a weekly podcast, hosted by Brandon Kyle Goodman, about race and our personal relationships. Each episode is an intimate conversation between two people who know each other well — family, old friends, lovers or colleagues. We bring them together so they can finally have a real conversation about race, and we can all learn how to be better allies in our daily lives. We all have bias; let’s talk about it!

Meet the Co-Founders

Davidson has been part of the podcast industry almost as long as it has existed. He co-founded NPR’s Planet Money, led the show for its first several years, and served as senior podcast strategy advisor to the leaderships of NPR, The New York Times, and The New Yorker Magazine. He co-created and co-hosted the Gimlet Media podcast Surprisingly Awesome with Academy-Award-winning writer and director Adam McKay. He has also been a host of several podcasts at Slate and elsewhere.

 An accomplished journalist, Adam is a contributing writer to The New Yorker and was previously economics writer for The New York Times Magazine. He served as NPR’s international business and economics correspondent; Marketplace’s Middle East Correspondent; and has been a frequent contributor to This American Life. He received a Peabody Award, a DuPont-Columbia Award, and a Polk Award. His work has also appeared in The AtlanticHarper’sGQ, and Rolling Stone, among other publications. He also served as a technical consultant to Adam McKay, the co-writer and director of the Academy Award-winning film The Big Short

He lives in Brooklyn with his wife and son.

Laura Mayer


Laura Mayer is Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer at Three Uncanny Four Productions. Based in Brooklyn, Laura runs the company’s day-to-day operations, manages overall production and creative strategy, and supports the business’s creative content development.

Previously, Laura served as Executive Producer for Show Development at Stitcher, where she was responsible for the development, production, and launch of new podcasts for the company’s comedy-focused Earwolf network and Stitcher label. At Stitcher she created, developed, and Executive Produced the first season of The Dream podcast. She also worked at Panoply Media, where she served as the Managing Producer for all podcast production and launched dozens of shows, including the first season of Revisionist History. Laura started her career at WNYC, New York Public Radio, where she held several production roles for nationally distributed programs.

She has her Bachelor of Science in Journalism from Northwestern University.

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